National Database of Young Ph.D Holders

Within the framework of the employability strategy for its graduates, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) is launching a new initiative to set-up a database for young Ph.D. holders.

Via this initiative, the MHESR offers new horizons for young Ph.D. holders by making visible their research credentials and competences for potential job and capacity building opportunities, such as actors at the national research system, industry-related R&D positions and worldwide technical cooperation offers (post-docs, researchers, faculty members…). Young Ph.D. holders wishing to register must fill out carefully the form hereinafter in English.


  • Only Ph.D. degree holders are eligible to register in this database.
  • Curriculum Vitae must be provided in English .
  • Incomplete forms will be removed from the database within one month.
  • Curriculum Vitae can be updated through the web link provided in the confirmation email. Otherwise, follow the link Update profile

PS : For further information, kindly contact us at

The General Directorate for Scientific Research

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